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Andrew Liu
Senior Software & Product Developer

After serving as a software consultant in 2017, Andrew joined CytoViva as a full-time team member in early 2018 and has led all software development activities ranging from general product development to custom solutions for specific customers and or applications.  Andrew also leads the software development activities related to CytoViva’s clinical diagnostic applications development.  As a programmer, he helps to identify and solve issues for CytoViva’s customers, as well as, performing proof of concept work for new prospects.

In addition to his role as a software developer, Andrew sources, builds and troubleshoots the computers that are integrated with the CytoViva systems, tailoring each build to suit the end user’s specific needs. Andrew also plays a primary role in supporting CytoViva’s imaging services laboratory. This includes conducting proof of concept imaging for new prospective customers and fee-based imaging services.





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