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Jamie Uertz
Senior Manager,
Technology Development & Support 

Jamie Uertz is the senior manager of technology development and support for CytoViva, Inc. Jamie manages our customer onsite installations and training worldwide, as well as, serving as the technical lead for all support related issues. In addition to leading the development of the patented CytoViva 3D Imaging technology, Jamie manages the integration of CytoViva’s hyperspectral software routines with various hardware components. These efforts have expanded the hyperspectral analysis software reach and created customized routines tailored towards customers’ microscopy and nano-based applications. He is also the leader of the CytoViva’s integration and development activities with the combined Raman imaging system.

Jamie is in constant contact with customer laboratories worldwide to maximize their use of their CytoViva systems, whether it be technical or application support.  His knowledge spans all aspects of the CytoViva product catalog, including optical imaging at the nanoscale, hyperspectral analysis of images, and Raman microscopy applications combined with CytoViva’s optical and hyperspectral microscopy techniques.

Jamie graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor of science degree in zoology in 1999, where he also served as a wetland mitigation expert in the Biological Services Department. He joined the CytoViva team in 2006 and is dedicated to expanding the product catalog and assisting customers with technical and application inquiries.

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