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Customer Locations 

- darkfield microscopy - hyperspectral microscope - enhanced darkfield hyperspectral microscopy

CytoViva technology has been acquired by hundreds of leading research institutes around the world. These groups are typically involved in basic or applied research related to nanomaterials development or pathogen detection.  Listed below are representative institutes where CytoViva technology is currently utilized.

National Institute for Occupational Health

US Food and Drug Administration

Finnish Insititute for Occupational Health

National Institute of Health Sciences Japan

Melbourne Center for Nanofabrication

US Army Corp of Engineers

Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

IIT Madras

Rice University 

Fraunhofer Institute

Adolph Merkle Institute

University of Sao Paulo

Health Canada

Stanford University 

University of Bonn

Georgia Tech University

Duke University 

University of Montreal

Wright Patterson AFB

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering

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