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What are my options to add technology to my existing CytoViva darkfield microscope system?

There are many options to add to the darkfield microscope system. This can include fluorescence, hyperspectral imaging, 3D imaging and Raman. Please contact CytoViva for more information on what options are available.

Which microscope brands are compatible with the CytoViva Hyperspectral Imaging system?

The hyperspectral imaging system is compatible with several different microscope platforms. Olympus, Nikon, and Zeiss are a few of the microscope manufacturers that are supported by the CytoViva system. This includes the ability to retrofit the hyperspectral system onto an existing microscope in your lab. The hyperspectral imaging system is also compatible with both upright and inverted microscope models.

What are the different types of hyperspectral imaging capabilities that can be added to the hyperspectral microscope?

CytoViva provides a number of different capabilities with its the hyperspectral microscope. This includes Enhanced Sensitivity VNIR 400nm-1,000nm, SWIR hyperspectral imaging 900nm-1,700nm and Raman. CytoViva can also support macro hyperspectral imaging systems in these wavelength ranges.

Do you have a CytoViva hyperspectral imaging system located near me I can check out?

CytoViva technology has been acquired by hundreds of leading research institutes around the world. Please contact CytoViva to see where the closest hyperspectral imaging system is located.

Can the CytoViva hyperspectral microscope conduct live cell imaging?

Yes. CytoViva provides a live cell imaging chamber that is compatible with the hyperspectral microscope. Please contact CytoViva for more information regarding the live cell imaging chamber.


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