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Sapphire Wafers

silicon sapphire wafer application.png

CytoViva combines proprietary hyperspectral imaging and analysis technology with reflected light optical microscopy to provide fast, high spatial and spectral resolution semiconductor wafer analysis. This analysis includes nano-scale defect and contaminant detection as well as surface coating analysis on silicon, sapphire and related wafer surfaces.

The CytoViva microscope optics can include both reflected brightfield and darkfield configurations up to 100x magnification. Different source illumination from halogen to laser light can be utilized. The hyperspectral image can contain the full VNIR 400nm-1,000nm or SWIR 900nm-1,700nm spectral data in every image pixel with pixel sizes ranging from 100nm to 50um as required.

Analysis can be conducted on silicon wafers for photovoltaics and traditional circuit based wafers. The system also supports GaN layered sapphire substrates for LED related applications.

See below detailed application notes outlining how CytoViva's hyperspectral microscopy is utilized in wafer defect and contaminant analysis:

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