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Integrated Raman & Hyperspectral Microscopy 

Raman combined system no bg.png

HORIBA Scientific and CytoViva have integrated confocal Raman imaging, hyperspectral imaging and enhanced darkfield imaging onto the same microscope platform. These combined modalities are very important for nanomaterial studies.  Combining three different rapid imaging methods allows an easy observation, characterization and identification on the nanoscale.

This integrated microscope package leverages the proven XploRA Plus Raman microscope from HORIBA Scientific. The system provides for full confocal Raman and PL imaging and the ability to select from single or multiple laser illumination options, including 532 nm, 638 nm or 785 nm. This integrated imaging spectrometer includes four gratings mounted on a motorized turret for full resolution, range and coverage (gratings are 600, 1,200, 1,800, 2,400 gr/mm). It also includes a CCD or EMCCD for enhanced sensitivity.

The XploRA acquisition and analysis is conducted with the user friendly LabSpec6 software package. The KnowItAll Horiba Raman library search software is also available with this technology.

When the microscope is equipped with the CytoViva Enhanced Darkfield and Hyperspectral technology and HORIBA Raman capabilities, it can capture very large area hyperspectral and darkfield images in minutes. The hyperspectral images are created with high spatial and spectral resolution, and closely resemble the sample as observed optically in the microscope eyepiece.

Using the XploRA, Raman spectra of selected sample regions of interest in the identical field of view can be quickly captured. This can be done as a single shot, in a line across the field of view, or in a full Raman map. This allows for cross correlation of the Raman spectra with the broadband hyperspectral signal images, insuring accuracy of data.

See the example below demonstrating the ability to cross correlate hyperspectral imaging with the Raman signal of a multi-walled carbon nanotube in stained tissue.

For more information on the combined CytoViva Hyperspectral Imaging and HORIBA Raman system visit

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