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Closeup of Scientific microscope data analysis in the laboratory, study for making vaccine

Label-Free Cell and Tissue Imaging and Characterization

CytoViva Hyperspectral Microscope Image AgNP in Stained Tissue.tif

Hyperspectral microscopy has great potential to advance science in areas such as disease detection, immunology, cancer therapy and food safety. A key advantage of CytoViva’s hyperspectral imaging for these applications is its patented enhanced darkfield optics. These darkfield optics provide superior signal-to-noise hyperspectral images, allowing nuanced spectral differences to be delineated from small areas of the biological sample without the need for any fluorescent labeling or other special sample preparation.

One of the best examples of the advantages of CytoViva hyperspectral imaging in a pure biology based application is work being conducted to provide early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s with tissue hyperspectral imaging. This application has accelerated from ex vivo tissue analysis to an in vivo human detection system and clinical trials. Publications and patents related to this work are available at the Google Scholar link below:
CytoViva Publications – Google Scholar

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