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Nano-drug Delivery 

AuNP in macrophage Nano drug delivery.gif

There are many critical elements that must be considered in order to develop nanoparticles as effective drug delivery vectors or as nano-therapeutic agents.  The ability to observe and spectrally characterize nanoparticles without any fluorescent labeling or other sample preparation makes CytoViva’s technology an important technique for nano-drug delivery research. CytoViva’s technology also enables in vitro cell and ex vivo tissue uptake confirmation of nanoparticles and their drug load.

With CytoViva’s darkfield hyperspectral microscopy, you can determine the presence of a drug load or other functional group added to individual nanoparticles in a sample image. This allows for spectral mapping and a determination of the number of nanoparticles in the sample that are properly functionalized. Additionally, the hyperspectral system enables real time observation and hyperspectral confirmation of nanoparticle uptake in live or fixed cells and in ex vivo tissue sections.

The link below provides access to hundreds of peer-reviewed nano-drug delivery papers where CytoViva technology was utilized:
CytoViva Publications – Google Scholar

The links below provide example applications illustrating how CytoViva can advance research in a wide range of nano-drug delivery applications:

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