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Closeup of Scientific microscope data analysis in the laboratory, study for making vaccine

Live Cell
Environmental Chamber

Real-Time Visualization of Live Cell-Nanoparticle Interactions

synvivo chip.png

CytoViva and SynVivo 

Live cell, microfluidics and simulated in-vivo studies can be accomplished when using the CytoViva enhanced darkfield hyperspectral imaging system coupled with the SynVivo environmental chamber. The SynVivo system is a printed microfluidic chip capable of supporting a microvascular network that simulates the circulation inside any tissue with respect to flow, shear and pressure. Novel co-culture protocols have been developed that establish true vascular monolayers in communication with tissue cells. Human cells grown in SynVivo chips retain biological phenotypes that are similar to cells found in the tissues. Leading researchers have validated that cells grown in SynVivo chips more accurately reflect the tissue cells found inside the body than do cells grown using conventional culture techniques.

In combination with the CytoViva imaging system, the SynVivo system is used to track nanoparticles as they interact with live cells and tissue in drug delivery and related assays. Please contact us at to learn more about nanoparticle live cell and related studies that can be conducted with this technology.


This image shows live cells where both the fluorescently stained DAPI nucleus, as well
as unlabeled 80nm Au particles and unstained cell structurecan be seen simultaneously
and in real time. This is capable using CytoViva’s patented Dual Mode Flourescent Module

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