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Closeup of Scientific microscope data analysis in the laboratory, study for making vaccine


With CytoViva, seeing is believing…

To that end, we encourage you to contact us to set up a live demonstration of CytoViva technology at your facility or ours. We will provide all the necessary equipment for an effective demonstration. You can simply provide your samples for imaging so you are fully able to understand the importance of CytoViva in your research.


- darkfield microscopy - hyperspectral microscope - enhanced darkfield hyperspectral microscopy

Schedule a Demonstration

To schedule a demonstration, please contact

Byron Cheatham, VP of Sales, at 334.737.3127

or email

Send Us Your Samples

You may send us your samples for imaging at our lab.

Note: You must contact us prior to mailing any samples to discuss these materials with one of our Technical Applications Specialists. CytoViva, Inc. will not accept any samples of an unknown origin.  Following this discussion, you will be asked to complete the Sample Submission Form located at the button below and submit this form with your samples.

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