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Nanoparticle Darkfield Hyperspectral Imaging 

Nanoparticle imaging.jpg

CytoViva’s darkfield microscopy and hyperspectral imaging technology is unmatched in its ability to support the advancement of nanomaterials synthesis and related research. This can include plasmonic materials or those nanomaterials which simply scatter light. Unlike other imaging techniques, such as electron microscopy or confocal fluorescence, with the CytoViva hyperspectral system no special sample preparation is required.

Questions that are answered with CytoViva’s hyperspectral imaging system include confirming the consistency of nanomaterials from a size or surface chemistry perspective. Additionally, the system is used to determine the distribution of nanomaterials in targeted matrixes.

Finally, with optical and hyperspectral microscopy, it is possible to track real-time changes to nanomaterials based on changes to their environment. This can include electrical, chemical or other stimuli. Optical video can be used to capture physical changes while CytoViva’s real-time hyperspectral imaging acquisition system will record spectral response changes of nanomaterials.

The links below provide example applications illustrating how CytoViva can advance research in a wide range of nanomaterials applications:

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