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Byron Cheatham 
Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing 

Since 2005, Byron has led the deployment of CytoViva’s microscopy and hyperspectral imaging technology into hundreds of research labs worldwide. Over this time, CytoViva’s technology has become a standard for many nanotechnology-centric research segments such nano-toxicology and nano-drug delivery and is now advancing into new markets such as pathology and photovoltaics. Byron is involved in every aspect of the customer experience from onsite product demonstrations, assisting customers with grant submissions for system acquisitions to onsite installations and training.

Additionally, Byron leads the development and implementation of the promotional and market messaging efforts for the company through its website, social media and other promotional mediums. He also supports CytoViva’s distribution partners throughout Asia and Europe with a focus on ensuring customers around the globe can effectively leverage CytoViva’s technologies.

Finally, Byron serves as a liaison between CytoViva’s technical development team and the customer, to properly align the utility of CytoViva’s technology advancements and the needs of the end-user.

Prior to his role at CytoViva, Byron successfully served in senior leadership roles for numerous entrepreneurial technology development organizations. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University where he began his career as a soil and water biochemistry research technician.





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