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Carroll Rhea 

Carroll joined CytoViva in 2013 after graduating from Auburn University with a bachelor of science degree in human resource management and a minor in supply chain management.

During her time at CytoViva, Carroll has established herself as a trusted partner for both customers and vendors. She is an expert in all of CytoViva’s enhanced darkfield and hyperspectral imaging system configurations, which includes various custom system configurations based on researchers’ applications and requirements. She now continues to support existing and potential customers by answering inquiries related to system compatibility, along with any additional software or hardware questions. She also manages vendor relationships by supporting the implementation of new hardware and software components between CytoViva and our vendors.

Carroll still supports all previous operational responsibilities at CytoViva and is managing many new aspects in her program manager role. Currently, she has been working on expanding her relationships with key stakeholders, by keeping communication lines open between researchers and the CytoViva team, as well as, supporting CytoViva’s international distribution partners. She is also managing the CytoViva web presence and multiple marketing efforts implemented within the company. With her knowledge in operations, management, and marketing, Carroll can easily support and help manage customer-centric service through high-quality relationships with for CytoViva’s potential clients, customers, and vendors.





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