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Closeup of Scientific microscope data analysis in the laboratory, study for making vaccine


Microscope Components

 Hyperspectral Component Review 


The basic components of CytoViva’s Hyperspectral Microscope include a high power halogen light source (1), liquid light guide (2), CytoViva patented nanoscale illumination optics (3) motorized stage (4), microscope stand with accessories (5), cooled color optical camera (6), and an imaging spectrograph (7) coupled to a sensitive digital camera (8).   The use of a halogen light source means that spectra are acquired without interference by extraneous peaks that are present in the light of other sources, like Xenon and metal halide light sources.  The use of a light guide coupling with CytoViva’s patented enhanced dark-field condenser provides extremely precise illumination directly onto the sample.  The concentration of light photons allows light scattered from nano-scale particles to be imaged and studied spectroscopically. Along with a sensitive cooled color camera for documentation, the system captures the optical spectrum of each point in the image by combining motion of the microscope stage with digital imaging spectroscopy.

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